Easy Toddler Puzzle Tile Fort

Hello out there, makers, crafters, and geeks!

Today, I have a quick, fun tip on entertaining your toddler!

My little guy, T, has been interested in crawling into (and out of) all kinds of crazy places, so I figured I’d give him a fun, safe place to hide out (and tear down if he must!)

After a few experiments, I realized I already had a great building resource on hand – puzzle tiles!

Puzzle tiles, also called EVA foam floor tiles or anti-fatigue floor mats, are inexpensive and great for small kids. We had some on hand from the days when T was learning how to walk and we’d wanted to pad the floor!

These tiles not only lay flat on the floor, you can also build a box out of them by pushing the the edges together at a 90° angle.

I used 5 tiles, building a cube with one side left open, then plopped T’s favorite pillow inside. T’s box fort was an instant hit!

Until next time, keep on crafting!